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Fire pump diversion time and how to polish the fire pump

Dec 26, 2022
As an important tool for fire fighting and disaster relief and saving lives and properties, fire pumps have a fast response speed, especially the water diversion time must be very short, so as to reduce losses. How is the water diversion time estimated?

1. The estimation formula affecting the water diversion time of the fire pump is derived according to the standard atmospheric pressure. When the test air pressure is not a standard atmospheric pressure, the estimation formula should be corrected.

2. Since the height is relatively small, and the fire pump also has the exhaust function at this time, the time for this process is very short and has little effect on the overall calculation results. The results of the water diversion time test of the fire pump show that the calculated results using the estimation formula are basically consistent with the measured data, and the error is small.
The fire pump is a prop used for disaster relief and fire extinguishing. The water diversion time is short. After the calculation, the next step will be to pay attention to the calculation to reduce losses and will be more used in various industries.

3. Many factories will be equipped with some fire-fighting tools such as fire pumps. In case of accidental fire, it becomes a tool needed for fire fighting, so many manufacturers will choose it, and its appearance affects the user's choice of it, so after production , you can choose the following polishing methods:

4. Flame polishing: use flame to soften and bake the surface of the fire pump, and fire impact can remove some diagonal lines and wrinkled skin on the surface. Many mouths will be flame polished after cutting the mouth, but this treatment method will reduce the surface of the pump. flatness.

5. Polishing with polishing powder: This method is to rub the surface of the fire pump at high speed to remove scratches. Before polishing, the polishing part must be polished with an abrasive belt. This method uses many materials, and the best effect is cerium oxide, but this The process speed is relatively slow.

6. Acid treatment and polishing: Use acid to corrode the surface of the fire pump for surface treatment. Before polishing, it is also necessary to use abrasive belts to polish, because acid polishing will reduce the thickness of the equipment itself a lot, and it may not be able to completely remove the surface texture.

Polishing is a way to renew the appearance of the fire pump. In order to make the product have a bright appearance and attract customers to buy, many manufacturers will polish the product according to the characteristics of the product to remove the traces of the appearance.

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