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BETTER TECHNOLOGY GROU—Professional fire pump manufacturer

Sep 13, 2023
BETTER TECHNOLOGY GROUP CO., LTD. in the field of firefighting pumps in emergency scenarios seems to be a highly focused enterprise on high-quality, internationally certified products. Here is some important information about Bed Technology in the context of firefighting pumps in emergency scenarios:

UL and FM Certification: UL and FM certifications are the most authoritative global standards for firefighting pumps. UL is the largest product safety testing and certification organization in the United States, while FM is the largest risk insurer. Both certifications impose strict requirements on product safety and performance. FM certification is particularly significant in the industrial product sector, and BETTER TECHNOLOGY GROUP appears to be dedicated to achieving this certification.

Product Structure: The structure of firefighting pumps primarily consists of a water pump, diesel engine or motor, and control cabinet, with only 13 global manufacturers in this category. Globally, there are just 23 manufacturers with motor certification and slightly over 20 manufacturers with UL and FM certifications combined. There are only around 70 manufacturers worldwide meeting all four certification criteria, and BETTER TECHNOLOGY GROUP is among the fewer than four companies accomplishing this feat. This underscores BETTER TECHNOLOGY GROUP's professionalism and outstanding performance in this field.

Multiple Certifications: Firefighting pump manufacturers must undergo multiple certifications to ensure the quality and performance of their products. Globally, fewer than four companies are capable of simultaneously meeting four certifications, highlighting BETTER TECHNOLOGY GROUP's expertise and excellence in this domain.

Product Range: BETTER TECHNOLOGY GROUP focuses on the research and production of high-end firepump products, including electric fire pumps, diesel engine fire pumps, jockey pumps, automated control cabinets, and sensors. This means they provide comprehensive firefighting pump system solutions to meet the needs of various emergency scenarios.

Leadership Team: The company's founder, Wei Hua Luo, has nearly 20 years of experience in the firefighting pump industry. He has personally been involved in product certifications and has been instrumental in driving domestic firefighting pumps to meet international standards. He is also actively engaged in firefighting pump installation, maintenance, and industry standard development, demonstrating a long-term commitment to and deep knowledge of the industry.

In summary, BETTER TECHNOLOGY GROUP appears to be a specialized manufacturer of high-quality, certified firefighting pump systems for emergency scenarios. Their product range encompasses several critical components to ensure reliable water supply and control during fire emergencies. Furthermore, their leadership team boasts extensive experience in the field, with a particular focus on advancing the domestic firefighting pump industry to international standards.

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