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What is a fire pump for?

Jun 25, 2023
The fire pump (fire pump group) is used to pressurize and deliver water to the fire system pipeline, so that a certain pressure is always maintained in the fire pipeline. If the fire signal or fire occurs, the fire pump starts to work when various fire fighting equipment is started.

Pumps used in fire protection systems are divided into the following categories:
Fire sprinkler pump - used in fire sprinkler systems, generally in buildings, and in occasions with high levels of fire protection (papermaking, pharmaceutical enterprises), this pump uses a large amount, the power of the pump is also large, and the number is large. 1 sprinkler head 1.33L/S
Fire hydrant pump - used in the fire hydrant system, it is also divided into indoor and outdoor. Generally, the outdoor pressure is low, and the indoor pressure is higher. A fire hydrant needs a flow of 5L/S.
Fire monitor pump - Generally speaking, this pump is used in factories and used in combination with fire monitor. The parameters of this pump need to meet the needs of fire monitor.
Fire stabilizer pump - used in fire pipelines to maintain pipeline pressure. The general pressure is 10-15 meters higher than the pressure of the fire hydrant pump or the sprinkler pump.

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